Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone can perform, and can be performed at all ages and ability. However, one drawback is it’s often difficult to find somewhere to swim a few laps. Public pools are often too crowded to get a good workout in and not all homeowners have easy access to public swimming places. This month I would like to discuss the unknown benefits of installing a lap pool on your properties.

I am sure by now you are all thinking a lap pool is far too expensive to have in the backyard. While there are some high-end lap pools that may push the family-budget, there are also plenty or more cost effective options that are far more affordable than the traditional backyard pools. Above-ground portable lap pools installed with a deck are not only versatile in design, but can also be installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional pools. 

Another benefit of installing a lap pool is it can utilize unused spare. A lap pool is long and narrow and can fit into areas of the property that most traditional backyard pools cannot. Although lap pool shape is inflexible, their design often allows homeowners more options than other types of pools.

If space is an issue, there is also the option of installing swim spas. Swim spa are self-contained pools that use currents to simulate swimming; often described as a treadmill for swimming. Swim spas are a great affordable alternative to a full pool and still offer the health benefits of swimming laps.

I must add, although lap pools offer great health benefits, are flexible for some properties, there is the drawback that lap pools may not add as much value to your property that a more traditional style pool would. This is because there is a limited number of uses for a lap pool so may appear less desirable when it comes to selling your home.

So if you are considering installing a pool on your property and would like to get in shape this summer, consider other options to traditional backyard pools as it may better suit your property and your needs.