Having the latest home designs and trends is everyone’s desire; to stay hip and distinguish our homes. However its not always flash – many new home trends are geared to pair maintenance and energy use and aren’t always practical. So this month, I would like to discuss some great housing trends, which are also practical.

Open plan living has been popular for quite some time now, but it does not seem to be changing. Open plan living is so practical – it centralises the room we use most, the kitchen, is great for distributing heating and cooling throughout the home and creates a great sense of space.

I have increasingly seen freestanding tubs implemented in homes in 2015. Freestanding tubs conjure imagery of Victorian-era abundance; however the latest trend shows bath-tubs looking a cool sculptural hand. There is an element of unpracticality with climbing in and out of the tub however. What I love about the free stand tub is their cohesion with other contemporary trends such as open wall niches, single wash free-stand basins, since two people rarely use the bathroom at the same time. 

Another popular feature I have seen in 2015 is the implementation of two master bedroom suites.  It’s a great arrangement for grown children and aging parents to move in for both long and short term stays, but is also practical for when guests come to stay.

Fireplaces and fire pits, both real and fake, have universal appeal. They offer a great sense of warmth, romance and togetherness. This year, popular designs are trending on chic, contemporary takes on the traditional wood stove.

Following trends is contagious but can sometimes end up unpractical and costly, so I hope I have be able to provide some simple contemporary trends that are also practical and won’t become wasteful to you in the future.