With all the dramatic weather we have been experiencing lately, it made me think of ways to further incorporate nature into my home, and what better way to watch the sky then with by installing skylights. 

Skylights are literally windows for the roof; so think of the possibilities, to stare up a dark starry night or watch a summer storm roll on by, all within the comfort of your home, through your very own roof.

Not only do sky lights add scenery, but they also offer the ability to access natural warmth and light into your home, and another means of ventilation, which isn’t only a great relief on the environment but also on your wallet.

When installing skylights, be careful on where you position them as this will allow you to control the heat and light that the window will provide.

Skylights come in a variety of designs, like windows. You have the choice of whether you want the skylight to provide ventilation or to be a sealed fixture. 

With such innovation becoming abundant in the building industry, we are no longer limited to rectangle skylights. Skylights are not available in a variety of designs including circular, diamond, triangular and multi-sided configurations, which will allow the skylight to adapt to any home style and design.

Along with innovation in design has also come innovation insulation and energy efficiency. Today, manufacturers of skylights have developed ways to add heat in winter and reduce unwanted heat through the skylight in summer. Skylights are often designed with multiple layers of glazing, and covered with low-emissivity films to help block solar heat gain and reduce heat loss in winter. Although you should expect to pay a little more for these products, think of the long term cuts on your energy bills and the reduced impact your home will have on the environment.

So if you are thinking of building or renovation your home, consider installing a skylight. Not only do they add great character to your home, they are also an excellent source of natural insulation and lighting, which will help both your finances and our environment.