When renovating, the kitchen is usually on the top of our to-do lists, but a lot of the time, it requires vigorous saving and months of tight budgeting. This month I thought I would highlight some ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget.

You don’t necessarily need to replace everything in the kitchen for it to appear new and fresh. You can use the current cupboards and draws but replace the bench tops,
cupboard fronts and handles. There are many modern different styles to choose from and are available from most leading hardware stores. If you like the cupboard doors,
then try painting them in a nice modern colour. This will instantly transform your kitchen for minimal cost. Simple changes like these can give the kitchen a completely different

Choose your kitchen appliances before you start designing your kitchen, as the space may not work. You should design your kitchen around the appliances, so the style you decide to go for is carried through the kitchen. New appliances are a great way to freshen the look of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is small, consider using bench-level windows as they will make the room appear larger. For windowless walls, try and use as much vertical storage as possible.
Keep it ‘light and bright when it comes to renovation. Even choosing the right colours can refresh the appearance of your kitchen. Gloss finishes on benches and cabinets are
ideal, as their reflective properties give the illusion of light and space.

For those with polished timber floors, I suggest including a brushed aluminium kickboard. This will provide a floating effect and increase the sense of space.

So if you are renovating your kitchen, consider a few of these tips to make the process cost-effective and overall enjoyable.