Stylish New Extension

This bespoke bathroom is tiled to the ceiling in silver travertine and designed to be like an indoor/outdoor resort-style bathroom. The greenery is a subtle touch which lifts the effect of the natural stone tiles to create an outdoor feel, and the bath is located within a sea of pebbles to emphasize this garden effect. The trim of solid hardwood sets off the tiled areas that hide the toilets and makes the beautiful bath area stand out as the real highlight of the room. Small feature lighting on the
stone wall highlights key areas to bring out the natural beauty of the stone grain. The floor-mount tap fixture combines with the windows to give the bathroom a modern touch within the parameters of the design, to lend the room a sleek and appealing touch. The internal paving tiles is a unique feature that helps to lift the room, blending in with the natural feel of being outdoors and uninhibited while contrasting perfectly with the charcoal floor tiles.

Renovation and Extension
Renovation and Extension
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