Vita Estate

A special home renovation from the 80s into s modern resort living. Clashing prints and lots of wickers turned into a simpler living place.

Our client wanted to create a modern take on their 80s-style home, but they also wanted to maintain the nostalgic feel of the home’s original design. The touch of render and the perfect use of stone and timber makes this front facade stand out and work brilliantly with the existing elements.

Our modern retreat is just what it needed to bring order back into this house. A few simple amendments to the existing home have proven to be the right move. Including here moving the front path out a fraction to give greater depth of field to the entryway and removing the parapets to the two gables. We used timber infill to match the posts below, adding eaves to the roof and lowering the roof line over the garage.

The result is a simple, classy space that feels like it belongs to you—not just a quick renovation.