Mishka is an architectural masterpiece that embodies the essence of Scandinavian elegance. Its design is a perfect blend of symmetry and harmony, seamlessly integrating with the environment. The intricate design of the building takes advantage of the land’s natural incline. It incorporates a variety of materials and textures to create a facade that is both welcoming and intriguing.

Facade Details 

The lower half of the building is adorned with Aspen stone cladding, establishing a robust foundation that contrasts beautifully with the upper elements. Above, a sophisticated combination of monument render and Decowood shadow line cladding in Spotted Gum adds depth and complexity to the structure. This mix is punctuated by Monument doors, windows, and garage doors, creating a dynamic interplay of colours and forms that capture the eye.

Entrance Experience 

The journey begins at the front entry, where visitors are greeted by two serene ponds with an infinity edge, enhancing the tranquil ambience. As one steps into the home, the soothing sound of flowing water permeates the space, crafted to maintain a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere throughout.

Landscaping and Roofing

The landscaping introduces an additional layer of colour, contrasting elegantly against the darker tones of the façade. A distinctive Colorbond Kliplok roof with a 35-degree pitch complements the building’s design and makes a statement, especially given the property’s elevation relative to the road.

Interior-Exterior Transition

The front entrance features Decowood cladding on the eave and a fully glazed wall that seamlessly merges the interior with the exterior. This blurring of boundaries is further exemplified by the alignment of the floor height, allowing the great room to flow directly into the alfresco area and rear landscaping, offering a cohesive view from the front to the back of the home.

Ambience and Utility 

Designed with entertainment in mind, the home utilises warm lighting to foster a homier ambience, harmoniously combining warmer exterior elements like timber and sandstone blockwork.

Our Environmental Commitments

Mishka demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability by incorporating recycled materials and minimising waste. All hardwood used in the home, including distinctive features made from recycled telegraph ironbark poles, emphasises this eco-friendly approach. The project conservatively managed excavation spoil by retaining it on-site and utilised reclaimed wrought iron steel for feature doors sourced directly from the property. Natural stone tiles and feature stone walls further enhance the home’s connection to nature. Additionally, much of the artwork displayed within the home was personally crafted by the owner, adding a unique and personal touch that underscores the overall sustainable ethos.