A unique build in the semi-rural outskirts of Sydney! This home pays the ultimate tribute to Italy, built to look and feel exactly like an Italian villa nestled in the cobbled streets of an authentic village. Complete with Trattoria and shop facades, each bedroom suite has its own distinct style and feel. Massive exposed timbers in the main rooms give the house a timeless, classic feeling, but cunningly-hidden modern features ensure it can also function as a high-tech masterpiece. The sliding doors to spacious, sculpted gardens tuck out of view inside the walls, opening up to a large, flowing outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

The Italian village alleyway is crafted of different stones and materials to make each separate area present as a new home, with even the tiles being sourced from different areas to complete the illusion. There is truly nothing else in Australia like this build, and the authenticity and detail simply must be seen to be believed.