Country Charm

A modern extension of an old house. 80’s brick house turned into a real Hamptons home. Challenging but rewarding home renovation.

What made this project special is the inclusion of faux dutch gables on the roof, giving the existing simple roof some character. We transformed the layout into an open-plan space, making the kitchen the centre of attention – an ideal space for the family to hang out and enjoy their home.

A challenge we overcame was levelling all floors, which now meet one another seamlessly. Also, the work involved in making the roof straight and levelling the ceilings from walls was a challenge but ultimately worth the effort!

The deck on the side of the home was added to help create the ambient nature of a country home, and the colour scheme combines perfectly with the materials used and new furnishings to bring this renovation together.

Absolutely an addition to be proud of, with its real country charm and character.