Caballo Estate

This beautiful, sprawling home is a unique mix of styles, sitting between Scandinavian and country, with some touches of modern industrial style. A custom home design boasts an amazing use of natural products which blend in with the modern Scandinavian design elements. The recycled timber makes the setting work perfectly with the natural outlook of this acreage home.

The industrial frame of the lounge room ceiling and polished concrete floors compliment the modern kitchen and subtle natural elements such as the stone fireplace. On display are the V-joint lining boards on the ceiling, which lend even more character against the cleaner look of the walls. Managing to find the balance between standing out and not overpowering.

The New York room exploits vintage materials from the old home and makes a stunning debut with its industrial roller track. Dark walls are counterbalanced by the lighter-coloured floors, benchtops, and the mass of glass that allows the light through.

And as the uniqueness never ends – the man-made entry feature truss (weighing 2.2 tonnes) sets the standard for the solid class.

We added a sense of character to the bathrooms too. They are all designed to be practical and yet high quality with natural limestone tiles and timeless fixtures and fittings.

This home is a perfect example of finding the right balance between different styles and using natural materials to tie it all together.