Aztec Estate

Classy Hamptons style, with a classic country touch!

An eclectic mix of traditional and tropical styles. The Hamptons home design is for those who won’t wait for a summer getaway to relax. Large bay windows that flood living spaces with natural light provide a sense of serenity. Faced with this project we worked on a concept to make sure we not only save the existing home features but also enhance them.

A timeless first-floor addition seamlessly integrated within the existing home, featuring incredible attention to detail.

We carried out intense structural design work before the labour. Created a design to make sure the space would stand out. An eye-catching cladding lends a touch of class and character while blending in with the existing render of the lower story.

Complete re-paint was done to freshen up the existing part of the house and tie the new elements seamlessly. For the floor patching to blend into the existing materials had to be meticulous, leaving no visible traces or joins at any point.

The cellar under the stairs was the perfect use of the existing space and added to the natural beauty of the feature stone, combined with the timber panelling to make this functional asset a beautiful feature of the home.

This build demanded both the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship to blend everything, while as much of the original material was repurposed to keep costs tight and the whole process as sustainable as we could.