Being a builder in the local area, I often come across projects where clients want to build extensions off their existing homes which often creates the challenge of merging the new structure with the old home. In my experience, I have learnt you can either remain faithful to the original style and architecture or you can modernise the project by fusing the old elements into contemporary ones. Once you have established your design, the process becomes so much easier.

To remain faithful to the original design, consider the placement of the extensions, the materials you plan to use and the impact the extension will have on the overall look of your home. At the same time, it is still important to consider contemporary spatial planning and sustainable design to meet today’s living needs – especially when considering selling your home in the future.

If you want to update the entire home, your design limitations are not as rigid, keeping that you meet local authority requirements. Modern additions can reinvigorate aging structures and gel with their surrounding environment. Different types of materials will help update the entire existing structure. An easy way to do this is change the texture and surface finishes of the entire building, for example, rendering brick houses or painting entire house to blend the old with the new.

I suggest considering the look and feel of your current home before you start. Look closely at what features of your existing home are the most prominent. Look closely at shape and structure of your roof and the materials used as it will make the overall process much simpler and effective. Choosing the right building designer can help make the whole process so much easier.