I have noticed that louvre windows are once again becoming increasingly popular on the market and I believe it’s such a great trend to be recycling again. Louvre windows are suitable for all homes, are more weather proof, easier to operate and are now manufactured from far better materials then their prototypes, so this month I thought I would share some benefits of installing louvre windows in your home.

What I love about louvre windows is their energy efficiency. This may come as a surprise, but louvre windows reduce your homes energy use. These windows are a great alternative to exhaust fans in your bathroom, as they not only allow steam air to escape but also help avoid moisture build up, which often results in nasty mold. Implementing louvre windows in other areas of the home will increase ventilation and cooling, which will minimize the needs to fans or air-conditioning. There are even options now to have the glass in your louvre windows tinted to minimize heat coming into your home, thus reducing energy costs spent on cooling.

Louvre windows also provide very sufficient privacy in your home. Louvres come in a variety or frosted and colored glass options for enhanced privacy. They can also be tilted at angles that maintain privacy but do not block your view, natural light or air flow nonetheless. This makes these windows great options for bathrooms or other rooms you prefer added privacy.

My favorite feature of louvre windows is the ability to let in ample amounts of natural light, or on the complete opposite spectrum, block the light out completely when watching a movie, taking a nap or enjoying a morning sleep in. Louvres are so simple to clean as you can clean both inside and outside glass from the inside of your home.

So, if you are renovating or building I highly recommend you consider louvre windows. Not only are the easy to clean, will save you on your energy bills and offer ample security, but they look great too!