A recent trend I love is utilising all wall space in the house by featuring niches and alcoves among the walls. I have found people sometimes find their functionality awkward and unsure how to use them correctly. This month I would like to cover some foolproof ways to fill, conceal, feature and turn negative awkward spaces into positive ones.

A classic and functional use for a niche near a fireplace is to turn it into firewood storage. Sorting clean, uniformly cut wood creates a beautiful rustic effect, even if you don’t burn the logs. If you want a more contemporary look, consider painting the ends of the logs with bright shades or add some art.

Another great idea is to span shelves across shallow wall niches. This will provide extra storage in your home and make a great display space. This will make a generally awkward, unnecessary area into a space that looks purposeful and organized.

What I love to see in houses is alcoves painted to stand out. Consider making alcoves the centre of attention with a coat of bright paint or modern wallpaper. This will give the space purpose and make a great feature. Another great idea is to add mirrors to create depth and enlarge the space.

Built-in wardrobes are perfect for an evening out in unusual-shaped niches or bulkheads. For obvious reasons, wardrobes provide more storage, but they also add interesting features and create a more structured feeling to a room without wasting space.

Reading nooks and open storage units are also very popular. The alcove under a stairway can be turned into a great reading nook to display books and photos, feature nice cushions, or be used as open storage for attractive coats, bags, and other accessories.

Using niches and alcoves is a great way to add character to your home and also utilise all its space. I strongly suggest you consider some of these ideas to update your home and make the most of what you have.