It has come to my attention that DIY jobs are becoming increasingly popular, however with home jobs often come very crucial yet easily avoidable mistakes. 

This month I would like to highlight typical DIY mistakes that I have come across and helpful tips to avoid having a quick DIY job turn into a time-consuming mess.

1 ) Not taking the required permits

Although it may seem like a time-consuming bother, acquiring permits actually serves a greater purpose than just adding wealth to the government. Permits allow DIY-ers to complete a job correctly and safely. It also ensures your insurance actually covers you, as un-permitted projects will void your policy.

2) Not checking you have the correct tools and materials

There is nothing worse than starting a job and not having the right equipment to do it properly or let alone finish it. So I recommend doing your research. Determine what your project is going to need and find out the best way to complete it. This will save you much frustration, time and money.

3) Improper preparation

Within a good quality paint job lies 90 per cent preparation. Before painting, clean the walls, sand them and patch any holes before you paint. If you want to cover up watermarks on walls, use primer. If you jump straight to painting over the water stain with water-based blends, then you’re not doing yourself any favours. The stain will continue to obtrude through, no matter how many coats you paint.

4) Inaccuracy

Successful DIY-ers follow this simple rule – measure twice, cut once. Remember, it is easy enough to cut things shorter or small. You can’t make them longer. So take some care and save yourself time and money in the long run.

5) Not having a clue

Don’t start your first project without a clue. If you are new to DIY jobs, I suggest seeking some guidance and advice from someone you know who has successfully completed a similar job or taking some time to research. If you don’t want to start a job and make too many mistakes to rectify them yourself, then what would be the point of a DIY project?

So if you want to begin your own home projects, then consider the areas I have highlighted above. It may seem a little tedious and over precautious, but these little extra steps will turn your little project into a giant success.