The beginning of every renovation brings an overhaul of studying the latest interior trends. While the attention is usually focussed on furniture, or wall colours and prints, id like to focus this month on current flooring trends.

Floors are often an overlooked space but they can really set the tone for your homes interior, and introducing grey tones is a great way to introduce added texture and a homely feeling to a space.

The biggest flooring trend for 2017 would have to be timber and hardwood flooring. This is a swing back to a traditional flooring option, gravitating away from the floating floorboard trend. Opposed to the traditional blonde and dark brown colours, timber and hardwood floors are now popular in grey tones – both light and dark shades. I find these colours not only bring a modern twist, but are also a great way to create space and light.

You can get a similar effect using large, format tiles. The dramatic size of the tiles will create a large, open living space. Implementing tiles of natural shades with grey overtones will additionally add a fresh, clean look.

Polished concrete is another trend I have witnessed becoming increasingly popular. This option is extremely practical for open-living, modern spaces and additionally, affordable. Polished concrete is also extremely easy to maintain and clean. I would suggest a darker grey tone for polished concrete to create a warmer feel, however simply adding a modern rug will compliment to space nicely. 

Lastly, if you are a fan of carpet, then I would suggest a light grey tone for smaller rooms, to create a light, spacious feel. In rooms that create a lot of people traffic, for example the living room, I would suggest a darker grey tone as this will last longer, not mark as easy and also create a warm, homely feel.

Whichever flooring trend you decide to go with, consider adding a grey  tones to keep up with the times, whilst creating a clean and adaptable canvas to your home.