With the weather warming up and summer approaching quickly, its time we start paying our gardens a little more attention.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient watering method around, proving that low flow is the way to go. As the system slowly releases water, hardly any is wasted through wind, evaporation, run-off or overspray. Drip irrigation takes fifteen minutes to deliver one litre of water to the soil, which is compared to the five seconds it takes to deliver one litre by hand.

By slowly dripping the water into the soil at the base of the plants, water is released at a rate that’s easy to absorb and only where its needed, meaning your plants are not at risk of being over watered and the weeds are usually not watered at all. It is a good idea to connect the system to a garden tap timer so then you can just set and forget. Especially handy with the Christmas holidays fast approaching.

Drip irrigation also reduces the risk of erosion, soil compaction, insect and fungal problems in plants, so it’s great for all garden areas.

Drip irrigation offers many benefits for garden lovers. Drip irrigation uses flexible piping which is easily laid and suitable for most environments and it suits all soil and plant types. The system can also be used to apply liquid fertiliser directly to places that your garden may need it.

Most hardware stores and landscaping suppliers sell drip irrigation systems if you prefer to install the system yourself otherwise most landscapers will supply and install the system for you at a reasonable cost.

So before you grab the hose and start watering the garden, consider installing a drip irrigation system to save both time and water.