Turrell Building has spent more than 26 years working on high-quality projects, focusing on all aspects of a build, from the initial concept through to construction and completion. The company was founded by Neil Turrell, who still plays a pivotal role in each building project. From the very start, our amazing team will take your vision and bring it to life, collaborating closely along the way and working to a realistic timeframe and budget to provide you with the best value possible.

Where Excellence is Our Standard

Where Excellence is Our Standard, is more than just a throwaway line, but our company slogan that drives every project. On all projects, we follow the same simple and to the point philosophy – do it right and do it once in all aspects from communication to the construction itself.

Since the company was established in 1995, Turrell Building has been responsible for the execution of more than 460 successful building projects, including everything from quality entertaining areas/ renovations, additions to large custom homes with full landscaping” across Sydney.

Image of Turrell house design and vehicle by Turrell.com.au
Image of house interior design project Sydney by Turrell.com.au

In-House Design Team

Our in-house design division will work with you at every step of the way to provide the highest quality and most economical design possible. Once the design stage is complete and the work is agreed upon by you and our team, the project is handed over to one of our experienced and skilled foremen who will oversee the construction onsite throughout, until the work is completed, liaising closely with the project manager.

Talented Interior Designers and Colour Consultants

In addition to our in-house design and building team, we have a skilled and talented team of interior designers and colour consultants who will add important finishing touches to your project.

The process has been devised to ensure the lines of communication are open at all times, and any project we work on stays within its budget. Customer satisfaction is important, and we aim to provide the best value for money possible, without compromising on the quality.

From what began as a small and humble operation, we have transformed into a medium-sized business with a team of more than 40. Despite that, we still offer the same personal approach and service we did when we first began. The only difference is now we have the resources and experience you’d expect of a larger company.

Image of Neil Turrell by Turrell.com.au

I can assure clients of my personal commitment to excellence in quality service and client satisfaction, backing the long term team I have worked along side with for many years now. I take a ‘hands-on’ approach and my team too shares my passion and dedication. We would be pleased to be entrusted with your project. You have my personal guarantee.

Neil Turrell